P11 - Exudate Dynamics

The mystery of root exudation – new insights into ecologically significant root exudation sampling


Root exudates (i.e. primary & secondary metabolites released by roots) are key drivers of plant-microbe-soil interactions. In the past, root exudation was mostly studied in nutrient solution culture (hydroponic). Despite the operational benefit of hydroponics, the question remains how ecologically relevant exudation results obtained under hydroponic conditions are compared to soil environments.
In our project, we aim to (i) test and compare different soil and solution-based root exudation sampling techniques in the laboratory and in the field (Bad Lauchstädt, Germany); (ii) capture the spatiotemporal changes in maize root exudation patterns by metabolomic fingerprinting analysis and (iii) reveal the role of root hairs in root exudation. Joint experiments with other PP members investigating different biological, biochemical and physicochemical parameters will allow us to link root exudation patterns with plant molecular mechanisms and biogeochemical changes in the rhizosphere.

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