P1 - Coordination

In the past reductionist approaches have dominated in rhizosphere research due to difficulties in mechanistically linking the physical, chemical and biological processes taking place at different scales. Consequently, components were studied in isolation and different, simplified models were developed. The priority program employs a different, new approach. By applying the concept of self-organisation to the rhizosphere it is taking advantage of the tremendous development of technologies (imaging approaches, high throughput analysis and small sample sizes) in the different involved disciplines in the last ten years. For the first time it is possible to measure true spatial patterns of different parameters and their temporal changes. The coordination project will help to implement this new system approach. It is motivated by the necessity to bring together the different aspects, processes and scales of rhizosphere research under a common framework in order to utilize this knowledge for improving our understanding of resilience in agricultural systems.
A number of scientific specialists under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Doris Vetterlein are supporting the consortium. Dr. Susanne Schreiter coordinates field and lab work related to the central experimental platform and encourages interaction within program and beyond. Eric Braatz is taking care of the field experiment in Bad Lauchstädt. The profound knowledge of CT specialist Sebastian Blaser will support the project partners in 2D and 3D X-ray CT image processing. Data management using BEXIS for setting up a joint data base of the priority program is supported by Nafiseh Navabpour. Responsible for administrative support of any kind is Antje Heyne
Throughout the course of the program synergies, new tools and modelling approaches will be developed and shared among this interdisciplinary research program. A number of workshops, training courses and meetings on national and international level will be setup to foster exchange.

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