P19 - Rhizosoil Aggregation


Self differentiation of soil aggregation and organic carbon allocation induced by plant and microbial activity in the rhizosphere

The project aims to investigate the formation of soil aggregates in the rhizosphere as compared to the bulk soil. This ranges from the single root (lab experiments) up to the root system (field experiments), integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches from micron to profile scale.
A focus will be on the characterization and fate of soil organic matter in macro- and microaggregates developed in the rhizosphere. To follow the spatiotemporal development of aggregated soil structures in the rhizosphere, we will link classical quantitative with state-of-the-art spectromicroscopic approaches. With these results, we will provide a contribution to focal topic iv ‘Carbon sequestration/ microaggregate formation/ stability of soil structure’ of the PP. Specific aspects also take into account microbial interactions (focal topic i) and the legacy of roots that are also of major interest for soil organic matter dynamics.

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