Past Campaigns

Event Working Group Test Campaign
Heat Waves Jülich, July 2018
TERENO test site Selhausen, Jülich Campus
Investigations along the event chain "Heat waves and droughts" and "Heat waves and atmospheric exchange processes"
Helmholtz Centres: FZJ, KIT, GFZ, UFZ more
Hydrological Extremes Low water campaign Elbe, July - August 2018
Tests of purchased MOSES modules (e.g., water quality sensors) and investigations along the event chain "Low-water extreme and water quality"
Helmholtz Centres: UFZ, HZG    more

Sensor calibration camapign, Cuxhaven June 2018
Intercalibration of several water quality sensors to develop standard operation procedures
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, HZG, GEOMAR, UFZ
Permafrost Thaw
Mackenzie River Delta (Canada), August 2018
Investigation of terrestrial, marine and atmospheric processes related to rapid thawing permafrost
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, GEOMAR, DLR
Ocean Eddies Device tests North Sea, summer 2018
Tests of purchased MOSES modules (autonome marine vehicles, water quality sensors)
Helmholtz Centres: GEOMAR, HZG