MOSES is a distributed infrastructure and its component measuring systems were developed and are managed by the participating research centers. Enabled by a Helmholtz infrastructure investment of €30 million, the facility was set up as a modular “system of systems”. To meet the challenging requirements arising in event-driven campaigns, the measuring systems must be mobile and interoperable, cover a broad range of observation scales across Earth compartments and provide high-resolution data in near-real-time. Accomplishing these goals required the development of novel measuring systems as well as the improvement of existing systems. The necessary technical developments focused on:

  • Minimization of sensors for installation on mobile carriers and building of multi-sensor systems.
  • Automation of measuring systems for intensive field campaigns and for use in areas difficult to access.
  • Improvement and adjustment of existing measuring systems for modular and multi-purpose use.
  • Near-Real-Time Data Transmission.

Following the successful completion of the implementation phase, the observation system has been fully operational since 2022 and has since then been used regularly in campaigns at national and international level.