MOSES Test Campaigns

Building and development of the new observation systems will last from 2017 to 2019. During this period, the testing phase of single observation systems as well as their interactions within the modules will begin. To implement and test operation procedures, small campaigns start in 2018. These test series must continue until approximately 2021 with increasing complexity until full event chains can be covered. All test campaigns are carried out in collaboration with partners from research and practice.

Event-driven observation campaigns are characterized by very short reaction times in regard to installing sensors and providing real-time data for quick event characterization. During the implementation phase, the scientific and technical personnel of the centres need to be trained in event-driven campaign operations.

The regular MOSES operation, which comprises planning and performing event-driven campaigns, will start in 2022.

Timeline of past and planned event campaigns during the implementation period from 2018 until 2022. Circle sizes resemble observational complexity and effort. Instrument tests are labelled as “P1”.