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More frequent and intense weather extremes, the abrupt thawing of permafrost and rapidly changing marine circulations have significant implications for climate and environmental change. Although it is well known that climate change affects the Earth and environment on many different time and length scales, currently, only limited knowledge is available on the importance of such distinct dynamic events for the long-term development of the Earth system. The new observing system MOSES is developed to close this gap. The Helmholtz Association invested approximately €30 million to implement the modular infrastructure, which is designed to capture highly dynamic events in the right place at the right time. MOSES follows a “system of systems” approach, combining sensors across disciplines and compartments to allow for integrated observations in the atmosphere, at the land surface, in coastal regions, in the ocean and in the cryosphere.

MOSES - Concept Paper in Bulletin of American Meteorological Society

MOSES - In the Right Place at the Right Time

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