MOSES has a central governance and operation structure and is coordinated by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig.

MOSES Organigram MOSES Organigram: This organizational structure has been developed during the implementation period (2017-2021) and will be continued during regular operation starting in 2022.

  • The scientific steering committee falls under the purview of the “Earth and Environment” management board and is in charge of the overall scientific and technical management. The nine participating centres are represented by generally one scientific member and an alternate, the current members are listed below.

  • The coordination of weather extremes campaigns organizes the often short-termed operations required to capture heavy rains and floods or the development of heatwaves and droughts. As a prerequisite, operational plans are developed and continuously optimized.

  • The data management team is responsible for the coordination, operation and advancement of the MOSES data management amongst the centres and external partners. A data management infrastructure, which also offers open access to MOSES data and data products, has been developed and needs to be maintained and continuously adapted. The data management team comprises about two members from each centre: data scientists, IT-specialists or software developers.

  • The event-specific working groups develop, organize and analyze the observation campaigns. Each participating centre is integrated in the research work in at least two working groups.

Project Coordination

Dr. Ute Weber, UFZ |

Prof. Claudia Schütze, UFZ |
(Campaign Coordination Weather Extremes)

Scientific Steering Committee

Prof. Philipp Fischer, AWI |
Prof. Julia Boike, AWI |

Prof. Irena Hajnsek, DLR |

Prof. Harry Vereecken, FZJ |
Prof. Martin Riese, FZJ |

Prof. Arne Körtzinger, GEOMAR |

Prof. Bruno Merz, GFZ |
Prof. Torsten Sachs, GFZ |

Prof. Michael Schloter, HMGU |
Prof. Jörg-Peter Schnitzler, HMGU |

Dr. Holger Brix, HEREON |
Dr. Tina Sanders, HEREON |

Prof. Hans-Peter Schmid, KIT |
Prof. Peter Knippertz, KIT |

Prof. Peter Dietrich, UFZ |
Prof. Sabine Attinger, UFZ |

Coordination of Working Groups

Heat Waves:
Prof. Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, FZJ |
Prof. Nicolas Brüggemann, FZJ |

Hydrological Extremes:
Prof. Dietrich Borchardt, UFZ |
Prof. Philipp Fischer, AWI |

Marine Carbon Dynamics:
Prof. Arne Körtzinger, GEOMAR |

Rapid Permafrost Thaw:
Prof. Dr. Julia Boike, AWI |