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Department of Microbial Biotechnology

In the Department of Microbial Biotechnology (MIBITECH), our mission is the development of biotechnologies for sustainable production processes. This includes both fundamental and applied aspects ranging from catalyst development to scaling of the process.

MIBITECH is characterised by combining methods from synthetic and systems biology, community engineering, electro-biotechnology, bio-thermodynamics and bioprocess engineering. We aim at a sustainable production process development for a bio-based circular economy. Target products include energy carriers, bulk and fine chemicals. A quantitative and systemic understanding of the metabolic performance of microbial platform organisms and reactor microbiomes is an essential basis for achieving this goal. Heterotrophic, autotrophic, and electroactive microorganisms are used, both in pure and mixed cultures. By linking metabolic networks, synergies are created that are prerequisites for opening new application areas. The entire bio-process, from production to purification, is analysed and evaluated in terms of its ecological footprint in collaboration with colleagues from other subject areas.

MIBITECH contributes to product-orientated and integrative environmental protection. In addition to gaining scientific knowledge and training the next generation of scientists, the focus is primarily on the impact on society and technology transfer.

We are convinced that in the medium to long term we can make a direct contribution to reducing the pressure on our natural resources by replacing petrochemical processes and improving the CO2 balance.
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