The CLIMALERT project aims at co-producing an innovative tool − web and mobile applications − to forecast weather-related impacts due to extreme climate events, namely drought and floods. With a focus on long-term forecasts (up to three months), CLIMALERT aims at support the decision-making processes of actors from the agriculture and water management sectors to enable them to develop and implement plans of action that may significantly reduce their risks and vulnerabilities.

The main goals of the CLIMALERT project are:

  • potentiate the link between climate research, water resources and the agriculture sector, to assist in management of natural resources, enhance agricultural livelihoods and reduce underlying causes of vulnerability,
  • advance the techniques and tools currently used to incorporate weather and climate information at different time scales into the assessment of risks and decision-making in agriculture (management practices) and
  • contribute to a global framework to improve the transfer and exchange of information on weather forecasts at different time-scales (from days, weeks to seasonal) together with near real satellite time observations to help decision-makers by providing information which supports their decision-making.

In sum, much hydrological and meteorological presents an opportunity to inform members of the agricultural and water management sectors to adapt to climate change. Much data already exists, the challenge is to ensure that it is understood, accepted and used by end users. By working together are software developers, hydrologists, meteorologists, social scientist and end users able to develop a weather and climate service that is able to overcome issues of data use and usability.