Ongoing and Planned Campaigns

Event Working Group Campaign
Heat Waves Heat and drought 2020 test campaign, May - September 2020
investigation of dynamic events along the events chains "heat waves and droughts" and "heat waves and atmospheric processes" to observe the impact of the drought years 2018 / 2019
Helmholtz Centres: UFZ, FZJ, GFZ, KIT, HMGU
Hydrological Extremes Elbe River Campaign April - September 2020
Comprehensive investigation of the processes along the event chain "hydrological extremes" considering low water and flood impacts on environmental systems covering the Müglitztal, the Elbe River and its Estuary
Helmholtz Centres: UFZ, HZG, AWI, GEOMAR, GFZ, FZJ, KIT
Permafrost Thaw Lena-Delta Siberia, postponed due to Corona-pandemic to 2021
Investigation of rapid permafrost thaw events nearby the Lucky Lake
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, GEOMAR, DLR, FZJ, GFZ

MOSES and  T-MOSAiC  join forces