Planned Campaigns

Event Working Group Campaign
Heat Waves ScaleX 2019 campaign, TERENO pre-alpine site, spring/summer 2019
investigation of dynamic events along the events chains "heat waves and droughts" and "heat waves and atmospheric processes"
Helmholtz Centres: KIT, FZJ, UFZ, GFZ, HMGU, DLR
Hydrological Extremes Elbe Estuary, April, June and September 2019
Ship-based investigations of water quality parameters from Hamburg to Helgoland
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, HZG, GEOMAR, UFZ
Small-scale catchment Müglitz, April - June 2019
Investigations along the event chain "Heavy rain impacts on atmosphere and land surface"
Helmholtz Centres: KIT, FZJ, GFZ, UFZ
Ocean Eddies Cape Verde, Nov./Dec. 2019
Investigation of marine processes caused by meso and sub-mesoscale ocean eddies
Helmholtz Centres: GEOMAR, HZG
Permafrost Thaw Lena-Delta Siberia, 2020
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, GEOMAR, DLR, FZJ, GFZ