Ongoing and Planned Campaigns

Event Working Group Campaign
Hydrological Extremes Swabian MOSES Campaign May - July 2021
Investigation of the event type "convective thunderstorm" with consequences for runoff, hail, lightning and impulse inputs into rivers considering the entire event chain including meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, forestry, social aspects at the study site Swabian Jura
Helmholtz Centres: KIT, FZJ, UFZ, external partners from Tübingen University and University of Hohenheim
Permafrost Thaw Lena-Delta Siberia, postponed due to Corona-pandemic
Investigation of rapid permafrost thaw events nearby the Lucky Lake
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, GEOMAR, DLR, FZJ, GFZ

September 2021: Mackenzie River Delta (Canada),
follow up of campaign in August 2018,
Investigation of terrestrial processes related to rapid thawing permafrost
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, GFZin cooperation with Canadian partners