Ongoing and Planned Campaigns

Event Working Group Campaign
Heat Waves Ad hoc heatwave 2019 campaign, July - September 2019
investigation of dynamic events along the events chains "heat waves and droughts" and "heat waves and atmospheric processes" to observe the impact of the recent drought period
Helmholtz Centres: FZJ, UFZ, GFZ, HMGU
Hydrological Extremes Elbe Estuary, April, June and September 2019
Ship-based investigations of water quality parameters from Hamburg to Helgoland
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, HZG, GEOMAR, UFZ April

Elbe River Campaign August-September 2019
Ship-based water quality sampling from Schmilka to Geesthacht
in close cooperation to Elbe Estuary campaign in September
Helmholtz Centres: UFZ, HZG, AWI
Ocean Eddies Cape Verde, Nov./Dec. 2019
Investigation of marine processes caused by meso and sub-mesoscale ocean eddies
Helmholtz Centres: GEOMAR, HZG
Permafrost Thaw Lena-Delta Siberia, 2020
Investigation of rapid permafrost thaw events nearby the Lucky Lake
Helmholtz Centres: AWI, GEOMAR, DLR, FZJ, GFZ

Registration and questionnaire for the MOSES 2020 Siberia test campaing: 15. August 2019,
Aquatic sensor/boat testing at Stechlinsee (Neuglobsow, IGB) between 23.-25. September 2019 in preparation for the 2020 MOSES Siberia test campaign,
MOSES and  T-MOSAiC will join forces
Hydrological Extremes Elbe Catchment, April - September 2020
Investigations along the event chain "hydrological extremes" (floods and low flows) covering the Müglitztal, the Elbe River and its Estuary
Helmholtz Centres: UFZ, AWI, DLR, FZJ, GEOMAR, GFZ, HZG, KIT