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profile_photo_Indrani Kar
Name: Indrani Kar (Canada)

Department Bioenergy

Flag Canada
Research topic

Maintaining regional soil quality for a biobased economy

At UFZ since

September 2017

How did you learn about the UFZ?

I had first learned about the UFZ while doing my Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation at the University of Greifswald.

Why did you come to the UFZ?

I'm officially a doctoral candidate with the DBFZ (Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum), but the project I'm involved with was conceived out of the UFZ and therefore is considered a strong collaboration between the DBFZ and UFZ. When I was applying for PhD positions, this particular project having to do with a renewable energy system, soils and life cycle assessment interested me the most and was really the only project I wanted to sink my teeth into and could see myself committing to for years. So I really hoped I'd get the opportunity to be a part of it and fortunately I now am!

What do you like about the city you live in?

I absolutely love Leipzig, it's made for me. In many ways it reminds me a lot of another city I like a lot, which is Montréal. I like the music scene here, the variety of cultural activities and just general things to do as well as nature close by, all in a relatively small and accessible (to me) city. People are friendlier here than I expected as well. Unfortunately I don't always have a lot of time to enjoy it as much as I'd like to, but I try.

How do you like it at the UFZ / in HIGRADE?

I think there's a lot of great programs and courses available for doctoral researchers at HIGRADE, and I love how international it is. I tried to take as many courses as I had time for at the beginning to take advantage of that.

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Personal information ("what else to do", etc.)

I think for those coming from abroad, take advantage of practising German with your colleagues if possible, and force yourself to speak it, even if you make a lot of mistakes (as I do!). People will appreciate it, and you'll improve. And even if you don't decide to stay in Germany in the end, learning another language is never a waste of time ;)


Yoga, hiking, reading, cooking