Profile of HIGRADE participants

profile_photo_Samuel Eziuzor
Name: Samuel Eziuzor (Nigeria)

Department Isotope Biogeochemistry

Flag Nigeria
Research topic

Characterization of anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation pathways.

At UFZ since

December 2015

How did you learn about the UFZ?

I learned about UFZ in my search for a competent environmental research centre in Europe. I found a fit with my current research group in aquifer biogeochemistry.

Why did you come to the UFZ?

The sterling quality of environmental research carried out by the scientific staff and the availability of instrumentation as evident in their scientific publications.

What do you like about the city you live in?

Leipzig is a beautiful modern city with nearly every basic social amenity available.

How do you like it at the UFZ / in HIGRADE?

The simplicity, resourcefulness of the community and their willingness to help in times of necessity is encouraging.


Reading, watching movies and walking