Profile of HIGRADE participants

profile_photo_Renchao Lu
Name: Renchao Lu (China)

Department Environmental Informatics

Flag China
Research topic

Numerical analysis of thermo-hydro-chemical process in fractured porous media with application to waste management and renewable energy

At UFZ since

October 2014

How did you learn about the UFZ?

Helmholtz center has a long-term and close cooperation with Chinese Scholarship Council. There is a profile of the UFZ on its website.

Why did you come to the UFZ?

Previously I majored in civil engineering. After graduation, I wanted to learn something new and different from the subject of civil engineering.

What do you like about the city you live in?

I like the living pace and life style in Leipzig. It is not a big city like Frankfurt or Berlin, but it is very quiet and people here are very friendly.

How do you like it at the UFZ / in HIGRADE?

Working environment in the UFZ is excellent. Colleagues are very willing to help newcomers to get familiar with the new environment. HIGRADE provides a variety of courses for us to choose based on what we need in our individual research.