Work package 6: Agent-based model

© André Künzelmann/UFZ

In WP6, an agent-based model will be built to map the impacts of farm decisions on the multifunctionality of the landscape. Both climate change and policy instruments will be taken into account. The agent-based model from WP6 will form the core of the social science work in the junior research group and the bridge to ecological modelling. Building on the decision module developed in cooperation with WP5, the final model will bring together the results from WP4 on preference-based trade-offs with the ecological models from WP2. To this end, relevant, innovative agri-environmental policy instruments will first be identified with the help of stakeholders. Through comprehensive simulation experiments, the extent of socio-economic and ecological trade-offs when increasing multifunctionality as well as the potential of policy instrument mixes to mitigate these trade-offs will be investigated. The results will then be linked with the optimisation results from WP3 to generate a holistic picture of biophysical and socio-economic trade-offs as well as appropriate solutions.

Responsible person:

Bartosz Bartkowski