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Eilenburg, 9. Februar 2023. © Andrea Kaim

Andrea Kaim (©Sebastian Wiedling/UFZ)

Dr. Andrea Kaim


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In my research I investigate the question how to align agriculture and environmental concerns at regional and national levels. Agricultural sciences, landscape ecology (particularly ecosystem services and biodiversity) and the analysis of trade-offs play a central role in that context. Methodologically, I apply spatial mathematical optimization as well as biophysical and agent-based modelling. To achieve societally and practice-relevant results, I put a strong emphasis on interactions with different stakeholder groups along the research process.

Environmental research is the perfect context for me to combine my diverse interests spanning natural sciences, agriculture and mathematics. At the same time, I want to contribute to addressing the major current challenges society faces. My focus on Germany and North-West Saxony is deliberate – I want to address the challenges of a transformation towards environmentally friendly land use directly "in my backyard".

In my free time I do a lot of sports: kendo, archery, fitness as well as bike and hiking tours with my tent. I have a weakness for the orient (especially desert hikes) and the alps. I enjoy cooking and baking, but also riding as passenger in a tractor with a slurry spreader.

Bartosz Bartkowski (©Sebastian Wiedling/UFZ)

Dr. Bartosz Bartkowski


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I work on the economic analysis and design of agri-environmental policy. In that context, I'm particularly interested in questions of the design of effective and efficient policy instruments and policy mixes, the influence of policy instruments on the decision making of land users as well as the heterogeneous public preferences for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Methodologically, I focus on agent-based modelling and stated preference methods (especially discrete choice experiments).

The societal relevance of my research topics is very important to me. The environmental challenges that society faces nowadays are huge. I hope to contribute a little piece to their solution.

...I enjoy reading, listening to strange music, cooking, blogging, writing Wikipedia and/or hiking in the mountains.

Malin Gütschow (©Sebastian Wiedling/UFZ)

Malin Gütschow

PhD researcher

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My research focus is on the influence of agri-environmental policies on the decisions of farmers. I am particularly interested in behaviour change towards multifunctional management. In that context, I investigate the general willingness of farmers to work multifunctionally, but also their action space to implement relevant management strategies.

The protection of climate and the environment have been important topics for me for many years. After my Master's in Sustainable Development I wanted to find out, how I can contribute to it professionally. Ideally: by working on my favourite topic, sustainable food systems. In research, I see the opportunity to develop, together with people from various sectors, practically relevant and implementable solutions to environmental challenges as well as to support political decision-making processes by providing solid evidence.

...I am active in education and artisan production of meat substitutes for future-proof food systems. Also, I do a lot of sports, cook for and with others and enjoy doing crafts.    

Irina Heiß (©Sebastian Wiedling/UFZ)

Irina Heiß

PhD researcher

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I work on the effects of management practices on ecosystem service provision in agricultural landscapes in our case study region North-West Saxony. I use modelling to find out which options and barriers arise from the transformation of (conventional) agriculture towards more sustainability, climate change adaptation and multifunctionality.

My main motivation in choosing my educational and professional path has been understanding natural processes and drivers of environmental change. I have remained in the biogeochemical/agricultural context because here, I see potential to reduce environmental damage and greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the topics of agriculture and environment are important everywhere, they're exciting and "hands on"! :)

...I enthusiastically play volleyball, dance and spend time with my favourite people.

Johannes Linde (©Sebastian Wiedling/UFZ)

Johannes Linde

PhD researcher

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My research focuses on the question which different preferences the public has for ecosystem services and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, and what motivations underlie these preferences. By eliciting preferences it is possible to derive willingness to pay, which provides information about possible trade-offs on the way towards a sustainable and multifunctional agriculture.

My higher education focused on different forms and relationships of societal development. Currently, the world faces the challenge to achieve ecological, social and economic development goals and to resolve the conflicts and trade-offs associated with these. Environmental research addresses this field from a transdisciplinary perspective and offers me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of social-ecological relationships and to gain additional methodological skills from experimental economics.

...I'm probably taking a walk, a short hike or I'm hanging at a boulder wall. I also enjoy good food and prolonged breakfast events.

Charlotte Schüßler

Associated PhD researcher

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Heide Scharfe


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Student assistants, interns etc.

  • Hannah Hirsch (September–October 2022)
  • Friederike Stegmann (March–May 2023, since July 2023)
  • Matteo Wolf (April–December 2023)
  • Onno Nennecke (since August 2023)
  • Jonas Benzler (December 2023–January 2024)