Foto: André Künzelmann, UFZ

Thematic Field 4: Methods of data collection and information processing

Monitoring, modelling of processes and data

Speaker: Olaf Kolditz (UFZ/TUD), Hans-Gerd Maas (TUD), Peter Dietrich (UFZ), Lars Bernard (TUD)

Thematic field 4 at the Center for Advanced Water Research encompasses extensive know-how on intelligent combinations of monitoring procedures as well as process and data modeling.

The competences in this field comprise:

  • Monitoring and acquisition
  • Data management
  • Exploration
  • Data integration
  • Process modeling
  • Analysis and Synthesis
  • Model coupling as well as
  • Development, testing and adaptation of model systems.

As a cross-sectional field, the thematic field „monitoring, process and data modelling“ extends into all research areas at the Center for Advanced Water Research.

Current projects:


  • Terrestrial Environmental Observatories (TERENO)
  • VISLAB: Visualization Center
  • Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems (MOSES)

Completed projects: