Foto: André Künzelmann, UFZ

Thematic Field 1: Quality in the water cycle

Understanding processes: water cycle and water quality

Speaker: Thomas Berendonk (TUD), Markus Weitere (UFZ/TUD)

Thematic field 1 of the Center for Advanced Water Research focuses on key processes and matter fluxes in the entire catchment (urban spaces, agricultural land, groundwater, reservoirs etc.), necessary to secure and sustain the quality and volume of water available to consumers and to facilitate the sustainable development of ecosystem processes and functions in all domains of the water cycle.

The scientists at the Center for Advanced Water Research cover all the necessary requirements to address the described challenges with a unique combination of competences and research infrastructures:

  • Observatories with defined boundary conditions for long-term detailed studies (jointly-operated observatories within TERENO),
  • Infrastructure for the experimental analysis of causal relationships under laboratory and field conditions (mobile mesocosms, S2-laboratories and drainage channel facilities, well-equipped field sites),
  • Expertise on relevant stressors in hydrology, river ecology, urban water management, water chemistry, ecotoxicology and antibiotic-resistant pathogens) and
  • Competences in integrated modeling of the underlying ecological, biogeochemical and hydrological processes.

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