Foto: André Künzelmann, UFZ

Thematic Field 5: Societal and climate change

Regional transformation strategies and scenarios

Speaker: Christian Bernhofer (TUD), N.N. (UFZ)

The opportunities and threats of using scarce water resources sustainably are becoming increasingly shaped by dynamic global driver processes like for example population growth, climate change, land-use change, economic development, globalisation and urbanisation. However, such developments not only have very different effects and variable time paths on the respective regional level that is relevant for decision-making about water resources (e.g. climate fluctuations, trends and vulnerability), but they also interfere with each other and at the same time with specific regional processes (i.e. demographic changes, regional economic structures, legal frameworks, changes in approaches etc.) including management and adaptation measures.

Against this background, the Center for Advanced Water Research pursues the following goals in this thematic field 5:

  1. The appropriation of spatio-temporal knowledge on global and regional change processes on scales relevant for decision-making, the observation and analysis of the dynamics of regional change processes including a spatio-temporal identification of patterns for urban and regional water systems,
  2. The development of an integrated method by the environmental and social sciences to identify, describe and predict regionally-specific availability, claims, risks and vulnerability, among others through scenarios,
  3. Methods for analysing and designing the regionally adapted transformation of water resources and water management systems (change management).

Current projects:

Abgeschlossene Projekte:

  • BMBF-Project "InternationalWaterAlliance Saxony (IWAS)"
  • BMBF-Project "3ZM-GRIMEX"
  • EU-Project "FLOODsite"