HIGRADE Conference 2015. Photo: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ

HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral researchers in their final year present their work and HIGRADE alumni receive their HIGRADE Certificates.

HIGRADE Conference 2017

- 10 May 2017, UFZ Leipzig: KUBUS -

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2:00 pm Welcome & Opening
                Prof. Georg Teutsch
                Dr. Jula Zimmermann & Dr. Iris Köhler

2:10 pm Poster Pitches - Chair: Thomas Tippelt

2:45 pm Open Poster Session

4:00 pm Award Ceremony - Chair: Dr. Iris Köhler

  • awarding of HIGRADE certificates and poster prizes
  • presentation & discussion on her career and doctoral thesis: Prof. Erika Kothe (FSU Jena):
        "Back to the future: (Microbial) Communication along the way"
5:30 pm


Chemicals in the Environment & Health

  • Angelica Muskus (UBT) "Pesticides in agricultural soils: degradation and fate." (1)
  • Beate Englich (IMMU) """Pretty women - and super size babys?"" Is cosmetic use during pregnancy priming infants obesity?" (2)
  • Eduoardo Marcos Balciunas (UBT) "Bioremediation of ibuprofen in plant-based bioreactors" (3)
  • Langping Wu (ISOBIO) "Tracking the fate of Hexachlorocyclohexane in food web using isotope fractionation concepts" (4)
  • Liza-Marie Beckers (WANA) "Characterization and exposure assessment of seasonal and weather dynamics in pollutant mixtures from wastewater discharge" (5)
  • Matthias Klös (IMMU) "Breathless through childhood - What has the epigenome got to do with it?" (6)
  • Monica Andrea Vasquez (UBT) "Bacterial degradation of dimethylphenols in constructed wetlands" (7)
  • Steffi Franke (ISOBIO) "On isotopic tracks - unraveling dehalogenation in Dehalococcoides mccartyi" (8)

Land Use, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

  • Ana Maria Prieto Ramirez (NSF) "Realized niche and microhabitat-selection of the eastern green lizard (Lacerta viridis) at the core and periphery of its distribution range" (9)
  • Anja Narr (UMB) "Environmental viruses: abundance, community composition and isolates" (10)
  • Anna Hoschek (SOMA) "Exploiting photosynthesis for the production of bio-based chemicals" (11)
  • Annegret Grimm-Seyfarth (NSF) "Too hot to die? Effects of vegetation shading on past, present, and future activity budgets in two diurnal skinks from arid Australia" (12)
  • Christian David (SOMA) "Process development for the synthesis of value added compounds from carbon dioxide" (13)
  • Claudia Breitkreuz (BOOEK) “Impact of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on stress resistance of winter wheat” (14)
  • Fabian Bonk (UMB) "How to train your biogas reactor: microbial resource management for enhanced process stability and flexibility" (15)
  • Johannes Lambrecht (UMB) "The community sensor – Online flow cytometry concepts for a low latency process control" (16)
  • Magdalena Mock (SOMA) "Photoautotrophic production of a TCA cycle intermediate by Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803" (17)
  • Marcel Grund (SOMA) "Quantitative physiology in cyanobacteria - can we uncouple the energy and carbon metabolism?" (18)
  • Rui Yin (BZF) "The effects of soil fauna on litter decomposition under different land use and their response to climate change" (19)
  • Richard Hegner (UMB) "What can we do with CO2? – selective electrochemical CO2 reduction to formate based on indium as catalyst" (20)
  • Franz Lehmann (ANA) "A new method for Germanium speciation using HPLC-ICP-MS" (30)

Modeling & Monitoring

  • Felix John (OESA) "More vulnerability through insurance? Insights from a social-ecological simulation model" (21)
  • Maik Budzinski (BEN) "Monitoring the German wood-based economy using multi-regional input-output analysis" (22)
  • Nikolai Knapp (OESA) "How to estimate forest biomass with remote sensing?" (23)

Social Sciences

  • Daniel Hertel (SUSOZ) "Modelling the urban heat island on the neighbourhood scale" (24) CANCELLED
  • Maximilian Ueberham (SUSOZ) "Urban personal exposure to ambient environmental stressors - a matter of spatio-temporal context" (25)
  • Salina Centgraf (UPOL) "Human scale development?! The case of energy cooperatives" (26)

Water & Soil

  • Ali Nawaz (BOOEK) "Linking the surface and subsurface fungi in Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory" (27)
  • Camila Knecht (UBT) "Fate of antibiotic resistant bacteria in two different constructed wetlands types" (28)
  • Eric Petermann (GWS, CATHYD) "Localization and quantification of groundwater discharge into surface water bodies" (29)
  • Frederic Leuther (BOPHY) "Impact of effluent irrigation on soil water infiltration" (31)
  • Gunsmaa Batbayar (ASAM) "Chemical water quality gradients in the Mongolian sub-catchments of the Selenga River basin" (32) CANCELLED
  • Michael Weber (SEEFO) "Optimal reservoir management for combining downstream river demands with sustainable drinking water supply" (33)
  • Muhammad Nasir Mahmood (HDG) "Investigating solute dynamics across stream-riparian interface" (34)
  • Nawras Ghanem (UMB) "Phages as vectors and indicators of biological information in the Earth‘s Critical Zone: transport aspects." (35)
  • Romy Wild (FLOEK) "Effects of agriculture on stream ecosystem functioning" (36)
  • Tanja Brandt (HDG) "Oxygen dynamics at aquatic-terrestrial interfaces" (37)
  • Valerie Wentzky (ASAM) "Seasonal and vertical trait dynamics in phytoplankton communities during oligotrophicatio"(38)
  • Johannes Boog (UBZ) "Can aerated treatment wetlands be resilient?" (39)