HIGRADE Conference 2015. Photo: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ

HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral researchers in their final year present their work and HIGRADE alumni receive their HIGRADE Certificates.

HIGRADE Conference 2018

- 20 March 2018, UFZ Leipzig: KUBUS -

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2:00 pm
  • Welcome & Opening - Prof. Georg Teutsch, Dr. Jula Zimmermann & Dr. Iris Köhler
  • Poster Pitches - Chair: Oliver Scheer (MOLSYB)
3:00 pm Open Poster Session

4:15 pm Award Ceremony - Chair: Dr. Iris Köhler

  • Awarding of HIGRADE certificates and poster prizes
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Anne Schreiter (Executive Director at German Scholars Organization)
        "Career paths in and outside academia after the PhD"
5:30 pm


Chemicals in the Environment

  • 1 Muhammad Arslan Kamal Hashmi (WANA) "Endocrine disruption potential of Danube River water sample"
  • 2 Sandra Baur (ANA) "Quantification of nanospecific, anthropogenic mass flows in the environment"
  • 3 Lisa Bittner (ZELLTOX) "pH-dependent effects of pharmaceuticals in the zebrafish embryo"
  • 4 Nelson Khan (UMB) "Fungal-Bacterial Reciprocity: Impact of mycelia on the mobilization and biodegradation of the organochloride pesticide hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH)"
  • 5 Philipp Klöckner (ANA) "Determination of tire wear particles in the environment based on elemental composition"
  • 6 Sophia Krause (AUC) "Desorption kinetics of organic chemicals from albumin"
  • 7 David Leuthold (BIOTOX) "Light on, light off - How swimming behavior of zebrafish larvae indicates chemical exposure"
  • 8 Stefanie Loth (IMMU) "Aromatic amino acid metabolites activate aryl hydrocarbon receptor and diminish immune cell function"
  • 9 T. Oliver Scheer (MOLSYB) "Long non-coding RNAs in Retina Regeneration"
  • 10 Stefanie Schulze (ANA) "Identification and Quantification of highly polar pollutants of industrial origin in drinking water sources"
  • 11 Andreas Schüttler (BIOTOX) "Predicting cocktail effects of environmental chemicals on gene activity in zebrafish"
  • 12 Naeem Shahid (OEKOTOX) "Adaptation of Gammarus pulex to agricultural insecticide contamination in streams"

Ecosystems of the Future

  • 13 Sigrid Berger (BZF) "Effects of insect and pathogen exclusion on extensive grasslands under climate chage: first experimental results"
  • 14 Andrea Kaim (CLE) "Keeping the Balance – Trade-offs between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes"
  • 15 Ricardo Schöps (BOOEK) "Linking land-use and plant functional identity to the rhizosphere microbiome."

Environment and Society

  • 16 Daniel Hertel (SUSOZ) "Modeling the Urban Heat Island on the Local Neighborhood Scale"
  • 17 Nina Lanzer (UPR) "Mining law and ethics of resource protection"
  • 18 Felix Witstock (UPOL) "Civil Society Organizations and Climate Engineering"

Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology

  • 19 Nicolas Cichocki (UMB) "Variation and dynamics of microbial communities revealed by flowcytometric approach"
  • 20 Shujuan Lian (ISOBIO) "Biotransformation and inhibition effects of hexachlorocyclohexanes during biogas production from contaminated biomass characterized by isotope fractionation concept"
  • 21 Daniel Reißmann (BIOENERGIE) "Is there a most efficient and environmentally-friendly way for the hydrothermal treatment of moist bio-waste? First indications of a multi-criteria analysis"
  • 22 Muhammad Arslan (UBT) - title tbd -
  • 23 Daniela Taraba (UMB) "Zooming in and out - through the microbial universe with metagenomics"

Smart Models / Monitoring

  • 24 Ulrike Hiltner (OESA) "Long-term effects of selective logging on a production forest's succession of the Amazon"
  • 25 Christoph Lehmann (ENVINF) - title tbd -
  • 26 Erik Nixdorf (ENVINF) "Combining measurements, remote sensing and numerical modelling to assess multi-scale flow dynamics in groundwater-dependent environmental systems"

Water Resources and Environment

  • 27 Hanna Hennig (CATHYD) "Water in the Desert - What can we learn from "sleeping" rivers"
  • 28 Elisabeth Krueger (ASAM) "Capital Portfolio Assessment of Urban Water Supply Security under Global Change"
  • 29 Felix Tritschler (MET) "The Myth of “Conservative” Salt Tracers in Groundwater – Revisited"
  • 30 Benedikt Werner (HDG) - title tbd -
  • 31 Katja Westphal (ASAM) "Multi-decadal trajectories of TP loading, transport and retention along a catchment gradient"
  • 32 Xiaoqiang Yang (ASAM) "A new fully distributed analysis of nitrate transport and removal at catchment scale"