Statistics Consultancy

Statistics Consultancy

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers can now request consultations regarding statistics for their projects at the UFZ! Mick Wu is available to help designing projects*, choosing/conducting/checking analyses, and interpreting results.

* Planning statistical analyses at the design phase of projects can help simplify analyses, allow time to learn new methods, and reduce the chance of getting unpublishable results!

Doctoral researchers: must have the support of their advisors and have all their HIGRADE reports up to date before requesting a consultation.
(This is to insure that consultations will help you progress in the right direction.)

Please click here to request a consultation (UFZ Intranet).

* Note: Consultations will NOT be available the following dates (April 3-4, April 10-17)
Consultations are by appointment only:
Leipzig: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (Building 1.0, room 233)
Magdeburg: third Wednesday of each month

Halle: first Wednesday of each month