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HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral candidates in their last year present their topics and HIGRADE alumni receive their certificates. The conference takes place twice a year, in spring and in fall.

HIGRADE Conference Fall 2014

photo: Gunnar Dreßler, UFZ Leipzig

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HIGRADE Fall Conference 2015

- 17 November 2015, UFZ Leipzig: KUBUS -

Registration (open until 6 Nov. 2015)


1:30 pm (hall 1 B-D) Welcome & Opening (Prof. Georg Teutsch / Dr. Jula Zimmermann)

1:45 pm (hall 1 B-D) Poster Pitches - Part 1

2:30 pm - break

2:45 pm (hall 1 B-D) Poster Pitches - Part 2

3:30 pm (Foyer)       Open Poster Session

4:30 pm (hall 1 B-D) Award Ceremony

  • awarding of HIGRADE certificates and poster prizes
  • announcement of UFZ Doctoral Award & UFZ Supervision Award winners 2015
  • presentations of Prof. Nicole van Dam (iDiv) and Dr. Michael Jahn (formerly UMB) on their career and doctoral thesis

from 6:00 pm (Foyer) Get-together


Chemicals in the Environment & Health

  • Andreas Hardy Keller (ISOBIO) "Functional stability of syntrophic consortia involved in anaerobic contaminant degradation"
  • Anja Worrich (UMB & UBT) "Together we are strong - Fungal-bacterial interactions increase the functional ecosystem stability"
  • Christian Slawik (OEC) "The kinetic chemoassay battery- A new approach for assessing electrophillic reactivity"
  • Daniele Comandella (TUCHEM) "PDMS-protected Pd catalysts for water treatment"
  • Denise Kurth (WANA) "The impact of active cellular efflux inhibition by environmental pollutants on bioaccumulation"
  • Elham Jahangiri (UMB) "Applying laccase and tyrosinase for micro-pollutant degradation"
  • Harry Byers (WANA) "Surfactants in the environment: a case study in the Holtemme River."
  • Lukas Linden (AUC) "3D-QSAR: a better tool for predicting partition coefficients influenced by molecular steric effects?" 
  • Maria Schmied-Tobies (ANA) "How anthropogenic chemicals can change DNA —
    A case study for organophosphorous pesticides"
  • Matthias Muschket (WANA) "A multidimensional fractionation approach for effect-directed analysis of antiandrogenic compounds in a river water extract"
  • Umer Shafique (OEC) "Occurrence of Perfluoroalkyl Surfactants in the River Saale, Halle"
  • Pedro Inostroza (WANA) "Decoding effects of multiple stressors using microsatellites in invertebrates"
  • Robert Bloch (WANA) "Analysis of mercapturic acids in human urine for the assessment of exposure to chemicals"
  • Sally Otto (UMB) "Effects of Bacterial Dispersal and Predation Pressure on Contaminant Biodegradation and Bioavailability"

Land Use Options, Biodiversity & Bioenergy

  • Alexandra Papanikolaou (BZF) "Wild bees under changing weather: The role of the landscape"
  • Andreas Dittrich (CLE) "Spatial variability of ecosystem services in Germany"
  • Andreas Menzel (BZF) "Large-scale distribution patterns of arbuscular mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal plant species"
  • Antje Kautzner (BZF) "Effects of mowing and grazing on plant diversity and vegetation heterogeneity in semi-natural grasslands"
  • Anushika Bose (NSF) "Birds & Blades: an investigation towards birds and wind turbines spatial coexistence."
  • Athaydes Leite (UMB) "Bioenergy conversion in the bioethanol industry: let’s open the black box!"
  • Babett Wintsche (UMB) "The trustworthy and the misprized - Exchangeable keyplayer of methanogenesis"
  • Canan Karakoç (UMB) "Understanding community assembly mechanisms through integrative approaches"
  • Davide Francioli (BOOEK) "Impact of long-term fertilization on activity and composition of bacterial and fungal communities in one of the oldest agricultural experiments in the world"
  • Jakob Hildebrandt (BEN) "Establishing a sustainability index for assessing product portfolios from bioeconomy regions"
  • Jessica Saatz (ANA) "Rare Earth Elements as Upcoming Pollutants? A Study on Uptake, Transport, and Localization of Gadolinium in a Culture Crop"
  • Karla Locher t.b.a.
  • Madhumitha Jaganmohan (CLE) "The influence of urban green space characteristics on cooling effects for residential areas."
  • Thomas Lauf (OEKON) "Economic Analysis of Sustainable Spatial Allocations of Electricity Systems - A Theoretical Examination and an Agent-Based Model of Renewable Electricity Systems"
  • Veronika Razykova (CLE) "A dynamic model of urban ecosystem services, residential mobility and real estate markets"
  • Cheng Guo (CLE) "Understanding urban form and its underlying processes by empirical and modelling analysis"

Modeling, Visualization, Monitoring & Observatories

  • Eunseon Jang (ENVINF) "Influence of physical and geochemical aquifer heterogeneity on nitrate reduction processes by numerical simulation"
  • Susanne Mühlner (CLE) "The Wood is not enough!"
  • Wenkui He (ENVINF) "Modeling reactive transport in the subsurface with high performance computing"
  • Sebastian Lehmann (OESA) "Fast inverse modelling of dynamic vegetation models"

Social Sciences

  • Jenny Schmidt (UPOL) "Green infrastructure - creating habitats with agriculture"
  • Michael Peichl (OEKON) "Soil Moisture Anomaly as Predictor of Crop Yield Deviation in Germany"

Water & Soil

  • Christiane Meier (CATHYD) "Panta rhei - sources and flow paths of river water in the Pamir Mountains"
  • Eric Bönecke (BOPHY) "Soil functions in different spatial and temporal resolutions on the field scale."
  • Gerrit Laube t.b.a.
  • Ingmar Schröter (MET) "What can soil moisture spatial patterns tell us about the water flow in the landscape?"
  • Jeske Hagemann (ASAM) "Resource competition in a river between benthic and pelagic primary producers"
  • Karoline Morling (SEEFO) "Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in drinking water reservoirs"
  • Lino Parlow (FLOEK) "Impact of agricultural land use on biofilm structure and functioning"
  • Martin Schrön (MET / CHS) "Finding Water with Cosmic-Ray Neutrons"
  • Nadia Prays (BEN) "Impact of bioenergy production on soil"
  • Raneem Madi (BOPHY) "Simulation study of coupled water, water vapor and heat fluxes in very dry Sandy soil"
  • Steffen Geisthardt (FLOEK) "Light control of microbial biofilms: Contrasting responses of algae and sessile protozoa"
  • Tallent Dadi (SEEFO) "Role of the sediments for dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in lakes and reservoirs"