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HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral candidates in their last year present their topics and HIGRADE alumni receive their certificates. The conference takes place twice a year, in spring and in fall.

HIGRADE Conference Fall 2014

photo: Verena Schaller, UFZ Leipzig

- Next HIGRADE Conference: 29 April 2015, UFZ Leipzig: KUBUS -

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2:00 pm (hall 1 A/B)   Welcome & Opening (Prof. Georg Teutsch / Dr. Jula                                     Zimmermann)

2:15 pm (hall 1 A/B)   Poster Pitches (Chair: Muhammad Umer Shafique) 

3:00 pm (Foyer)         Open Poster Sessions

4:30 pm (hall 1 A/B)   Award Ceremony incl. scientific presentations on PhD theses

  • Dr. Rico Fischer (HIGRADE alumnus, OESA) "Simulating tropical forests in a changing world using an individual-based forest model"
  • Prof. Markus Weitere (senior scientist, FLOEK) "My dissertation and career in science: personal reflections on challenges and pitfalls"

from 6:00 pm (Foyer)  Get-together


Land Use Options , Biodiversity & Bioenergy

  • Anja Schmidt (BZF) "Decomposition experiments in tropical rice fields - The influence of invertebrate decomposers"
  • Christina Weißbecker (BOOEK) "About the subtle friendship of fungi and trees in China"
  • Carla Porges (BOOEK) "Changes in rhizosphere microbial community association with different parental types of Arabidospsis thaliana MAGIC lines"
  • Markus Meyer (CLE) "Spatially explicit environmental assessment of global biomass production at the regional scale"
  • Juliane Horn (OESA) "Multiple stressors: using the honeybee model BEEHAVE to explore how forage gaps, foraging distances and supply affect colony resilience""
  • Carla Gimkiewicz (UMB) "Steering microbial electrocatalysis: Syntheses with Gluconobacter as model case"
  • Denny Popp (UMB) "No Pain, no Gain - Coumarin-Rich Plants as Alternative Substrates for Biogas Production"
  • Jule Schulze (OESA) "Land use change induced by transforming the energy system - Insights from modelling human decision-making"
  • Benjamin Korth (UMB) "The energetics of microbial power plants"
  • Christophe Dominik (CLE) "How surrounding landscapes influence the arthropod community in the rice agro-ecosystem in South East Asia"
  • Tina Buchmann (BZF) "Dominants vs. subordinates in semi-natural grasslands"
  • Sophie Schelenz (MET) "Development of innovative exploration and management strategies for a sustainable use of shallow geothermal energy in urban areas"

Modeling, Visualization, Monitoring & Observatories

  • Maximilian Lange (CLE) "Validation of Sentinel-products based on continuous spectral and Eddy-Flux-measurements"
  • Benjamin Dechant (CLE) "Estimating photosynthesis from vegetation reflectance"
  • Edna Rödig (OESA) "The great succession"
  • Tatiana Feskova (MET) "Application of the system-oriented geophysical approach to characterize the north-facing hillslope in the Weierbach"

Chemicals in the Environment & Health

  • Melis Muz (WANA) "Diagnostic derivatization: A novel approach to identify aromatic amines in environmental matrices"
  • Meng Hu (WANA) "Software-based strategies for the identification of unknown toxicants from LC-HRMS/MS data"
  • Annelie Steinbach (UMB) "Influence of the soil composition on the colonization, function and phylogeny of microbial communities"
  • Wolfgang Larisch (AUC) "A pure mechanistic PbTk-Model - Benefits and drawbacks"
  • Luise Henneberger (AUC) "Sorption of organic ions to proteins - a highly charged topic!"
  • Stephanie Schweiger (OEC) "Toxicity of organic compounds towards Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
  • Chao Yang (ISOBIO) "Transformation of brominated aromtics by Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain CBDB1"
  • Martin Krüger (UMB) "Application of fungi for the biodegradation of recalcitrant synthetic polymers"
  • Kristin Hirte (ANA) "Hydrolysis as a key reaction of chemicals' fate"
  • Sara König (OESA) "Recovering ecosystem functioning: The meaning of space for microbes"
  • Vanessa Lünsmann (PROTEOM) "Toluene degradation in the rhizosphere: Protein-SIP uncovers the actively involved bacterial families and their mode of action"
  • Rania Abdalla Babiker Saad (UBT) "Plant species influences on constructed wetlands performance"
  • Cindy Weidauer (ANA) "Abiotic reactions in the environment – a flow system for the identification of possible transformation products using LC/MS"
  • Loreen Thürmann (IMMU) "Epigenetic Pertubation of Genomic Regulatory Elements by Environmental Exposure and Consequences for Disease Risk"
  • Julia Ortmann (BIOTOX) "Can we use behavioral effects as endpoint to determine concentrations of neurotoxic chemicals at the target site?"
  • Marcus Winter (IMMU) "Electrophile 1,4-Benzoquinone perturbs regulatory T cell integrity - an impact on atopic disease development ?"
  • Maria Vogel (TUCHEM) "Iron and sulfur – a perfect team! Optimization of Microreactor performance" - cancelled

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