Task 5: Communications

Lead: UFZ

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Overview of tasks: Eucera_notata © Nico Vereecken

The overall objective of this sub-task is to communicate the progress of the preparatory action for the EU Pollinator Monitoring Scheme, SPRING project. We will communicate and inform about the progress of the different SPRING’s tasks and activities developed during the project to raise awareness and engage the general public and key stakeholders regarding pollinatorsmonitoring in Europe.

Expected results:

Anthidium_oblongatum © Nico Vereecken

  • Produce six web articles (one with each project progress report) summarizing the
    progress of the preparatory action SPRING for the EU Pollinator Information Hive. The
    web articles will be accompanied by high-quality images from Task’s activities.
  • Coordination of the communication in every task of the preparatory action to give clear
    message and a coordinated communication
  • Organise events for promotion and increment of awareness about the preparatory action.
    In coordination with task 1 and task 2, held campaigns and online webinars.
  • Organise a final conference to promote and announce to the stakeholders on the
    outcomes of the preparatory action in Brussels (2023).