Advanced Bee Taxonomy Trainings

To make the European Pollinator Monitoring scheme possible, SPRING intends to strengthen taxonomic capacity in EU Member States with regard to pollinating insects. For this purpose, the University of Mons is searching candidates for an advanced course on bee taxonomy.

The sampling of the multiple field sites will generate large amounts of samples that will need to be processed and identified. However, bees are often difficult to identify to species level. The training of a new generation of taxonomists is therefore crucial to meet the requirements of the project.

The goal of the course will be to train people with previous experience in bee identification to learn further identification skills and learn how to use taxonomic keys and other material available for identification to species level. The purpose is to provide the necessary tools and training for identification at species level for species-rich groups. For the most difficult taxa, final validation will be done by a senior taxonomist.

Deadline for applications: 15 May 2022

Invitation advanced taxonomy bee courses