Task 2 – Taxonomic Capacity Building

Lead: Naturalis
Contributors: Regional coordinators, all taxonomic subcontractors and
freelance taxonomic experts.
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Overall aim

Sufficient level of taxonomic knowledge with citizen scientists involved in the MVS activities of EU-PoMS for wild bees and hoverflies, plus butterflies [and moths] in all EU countries.

The implementation of the EU-PoMS requires the availability of taxonomic expertise in each EU country. However, the basic information for identification of difficult pollinators groups (focus here is on wild bees and hoverflies) is not available for all regions in readily accessible formats and advanced taxonomic expertise is lacking, particularly for the species-rich parts of Europe.

To guarantee the levels of taxonomic expertise needed for EU-PoMS, this task will (1) organise basic taxonomic training for citizen scientists, and (2) organise advanced taxonomic training for experts to fill the current gaps in expertise.

Expected results

  • Produce online materials for basic taxonomic training for wild bees and hoverflies, and if needed for butterflies and day-flying moths that can be adapted and translated by regional/national coordinators into local instruction materials.
  • Produce online materials for basic field recognition training of wild bee and hoverfly taxa (groups, some genera and distinctive species)
  • Technically prepare the image recognition app ObsIdentify for European pollinators (butterflies, moths, wild bees and hoverflies)
  • Develop the set-up of a basic taxonomy course, including materials needed and instructions for trainers
  • Conduct train-the-trainer courses for national coordinators and experts
  • Conduct basic taxonomy courses for pollinator recorders in all EU countries


Photos: © Nico Vereecken