Task 3 - Piloting Minimum Viable Scheme (MVS) in EU

Leads: UZF
Contributors: UKCEH, University of Reading, Naturalis, EIS, BCE (plus partners across EU), EU-PoMS Expert Group etc.
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Overall aim Spring Task 3 Reproduced from Potts et al. 2021

The EU Pollinator Monitoring Scheme comprises seven modules overall. The Minimum Viable Scheme (MVS) comprised two of these modules which differ in sampling method, biodiversity measures, recorders and taxa sampled.

In this task we will support all 27 EU Member States in piloting the Minimum Viable Scheme (MVS) of EU-PoMS and refining the MVS methodology.

Expected results

  • Task 3.1: Test the MVS in at least 209 sites across the EU, representing at least 10% of the number of monitoring sites proposed by Model 2 of the EU-PoMs (Potts et al., 2020)
  • Task 3.2: Support the refinement of the MVS methodology
    • Pilot fieldwork to test elements of the MVS requiring further development
    • A floral assessment protocol for the MVS
    • Update recommendations on survey design and costs
    • An updated indicator framework for the CAP indicator
    • Revised recommendations for the EU-PoMS Minimum Viable Scheme

To achieve coverage across the EU with this task and MVS pilots, we have developed a regional coordination structure. There will be several contact points in each country which will be important for the implementation: national authorities and existing networks dealing with national inventories or monitoring of insects or providing sites.

table countries Table: Detailed regional allocations for MVS Pilot. Numbers for 10% of sites per country have been rounded up to the nearest whole number. Underlined: Regional coordination Map regions Map: Seven regions of Europe for coordination of task