WP 4: Project coordination (project and data management)


Overleaf logo The GeomInt Book (work in progress) is now online for collaborative writing:

https://www.overleaf.com/project/5c3c2efca0c90d4eca841d4d (by invitation)

The book project will contain the most important results and in particular so-called Model Exercises (MEs) based on experimental work on various rock types (salt, clay and crystallines). The MEs will be conducted with various simulators in order to highlight advantages and/or disadvantages of specific numerical methods. The final book version will be released in summer 2020 at the end of the GeomInt project.

6th GeomInt Assembly, 13 February 2020, Freiberg (TUBAF)

The six general assembly of the BMBF-Geo:N GeomInt project took place on 13 February 2019 in Freiberg hosted by TUBAF (photo). Project achievements were presented by all partners and discussed in view of the preparation for the upcoming Geo:N Symposium in March in Bonn. The status of the GeomInt book as a comprehensive overview of project activities and results was reviewed and the proposal for GeomInt2 was discussed.


5th GeomInt Assembly, 14-15 November 2019, Leipzig (UFZ/IfG)

The fifth general assembly of GeomInt on 14.11.2019 was combined with the 48. Geomechanik-Kolloquium on 15.11.2019 in Leipzig hosted by IfG in the beautiful venue of the Paulinum of the University of Leipzig (photo left). 3 GeomInt presentations at the traditional geomechanical symposium gave an overview of the project and insight into the research (photo left).

2019-11 2019-11

GeomInt @ Geomechanik-Kolloquium 2019

GeomInt will be participating in the 48th Geomechanik-Kolloquium on 15 November 2019 in Leipzig hosted by IfG with two invited talks (see http://www.ifg-leipzig.com/de/media/news/detail/48-geomechanik-kolloquium/). The first presentation will give an overview of the project "GeomInt - Geomechanical integrity of host and barrier rocks - experiment, modeling and analysis of discontinuities" (Kolditz, Nagel & GeomInt Team). In the second talk, a research highlight "Direct shear tests (on crystalline rocks): Experiment and simulation" will be presented by the TUBAF team (Poetschke, Frühwirth, Konietzky). The day before the conference, on 14 November, the 5th GeomInt Meeting will be held at UFZ.

4th GeomInt Assembly, 04 July 2019, Leipzig (IfG)

The fourth general assembly of the BMBF-Geo:N GeomInt project took place on 04 July 2019 in Leipzig hosted by IfG (photo). Wolfgang Minkley, CEO of IfG, welcomed the participants in their newly renovated building. The main topic of the meeting was the Model-Experiment-Exercises (MEX) and surrounding discussion. The MEX are the backbone of the project in addition to the experimental work and will be presented in the GeomInt book.

Current and future activities:

  • The Geo:N Topical Collection in Environmental Earth Sciences is now open for submission, and contributions from GeomInt have been identified.
  • In the near future, the GeomInt data management concept is due for implementation.
  • A Geo:N software seminar will be prepared for 2020.
  • The next GeomInt Assembly will be held on 14.11.2019 in Leipzig in conjunction with the “Geomechanik-Kolloquium” where GeomInt will be presented.

GeomInt July 2019

3rd GeomInt Assembly, 04.-05.04.2019, University of Kiel (CAU)

The third general assembly of the BMBF-Geo:N GeomInt project took place on 04.-05.04.2019 in Kiel (Photo). The meeting started with the regular WP reports on experimental and modelling works. Focus of the meeting was set on further development of the model-experiment-exercises (MEE concept) which are dedicated to combine both areas tightly. The GeomInt book project is now online on Overleaf for continuous collaborative writing. We decided to have quarterly meetings until the end of the GeomInt project for further intensification of collaboration. Bernhard Vowinkel (BGR) was welcomed into the team. The next GeomInt Assembly will be held on 04.07.2019 in Leipzig.

3rd GeomInt Assembly

 2nd Geo:N Statusseminar, 29-30.11.2018, Berlin

The second general assembly of the BMBF-Geo:N project took place in Berlin where all Geo:N collaborative projects have been presented. The GeomInt status report was jointly given by Olaf Kolditz (general part), Frank Wuttke (experiments), and Thomas Nagel (modelling). We received positive feedback concerning the general progress as well as our networking activities.

Link to the GeomInt talk and poster: https://www.ufz.de/geomint/index.php?en=43421 , http://www.ufz.de/geomint/index.php?en=43418

Geo:N Assembly GeomInt Team at 2nd Geo:N Assembly, 30-31.11.2018 Berlin: (Keita Yoshioka (UFZ), Jobst Maßmann (BGR), Amir Shoarian Sattari (CAU), Frank Wuttke (CAU), Matthias Nest (IfG), Thomas Nagel (TUBAF/UFZ), Holger Steeb (Uni Stuttgart), Olaf Kolditz (UFZ) (from left to right). Sorry, Daniel Pötschke (TUBAF) is missing from the photo; he was also attending. Geo:N Assembly Thomas Nagel Thomas Nagel gave the report of the GeomInt modelling activities and progress

Personalia: Project Management Support by Leslie Jakobs

LJakobs During the maternal leave of Carolin Helbig, Leslie Jakobs is strengthening the project management team. She is the Managing Editor of Geothermal Energy, an ISI-listed, open-access journal, and Editor of the InterPore Newsletter.

Leslie is our entry point for any questions concerning the GeomInt project, feel free to contact her via leslie.jakobs@ufz.de .

2nd GeomInt Assembly, 28-29.08.2018, BGR Hannover

The second general assembly of the BMBF-Geo:N GeomInt project took place in Hannover (Photo). The meeting was opened by the meeting's hosts, Frau Dr. Fahland and Herr Dr. Enste from BGR. The agenda was split into two parts (i) progress reports of each work package (see WP News) and (ii) starting the preparations for the 2nd Geo:N Statusseminar in November 2018 in Berlin. The next GeomInt Assembly will be held in Spring 2019 in Kiel.

Link to the meeting protocol: https://www.ufz.de/geomint/index.php?en=43421

2nd GeomInt assembly 2nd GeomInt Assembly, 28-29.08.2018, BGR Hannover (Thomas Frühwirt (TUBAF), Uwe-Jens Görke (UFZ), Amir Shoarian Sattari (CAU), Jobst Maßmann (BGR), Matthias Nest (IfG), Daniel Pötschke (TUBAF), Keita Yoshioka (UFZ), Holger Steeb (Uni Stuttgart), Peter Schmidt (Uni Stuttgart), Maria Osorno (Uni Stuttgart), Olaf Kolditz (UFZ), (from right to left)

Personalia: Thomas Nagel Professor and Chair with TU Freiberg

Th. Nagel Berüfung Thomas Nagel was appointed as Full Professor and Chair of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering with Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in September 2019.

Congratulations to Thomas from the GeomInt Team ! https://tu-freiberg.de/presse/helmholtz-forscher-wird-neuer-professor-an-der-tu-freiberg

The project management published the GeomInt website that contains information about the project partners, work packages, applied methods as well as an overview of software used in GeomInt, projects linked to GeomInt and the research infrastructures used in the project.

The GeomInt project management developed a data management plan including a data policy paper that is the basis for the data management within the project and can be adjusted dynamically during the entire project period. The Papers are now in the process of approval.

The GeomInt partners participated the kick-off meeting of the BMBF program Geo:N "Underground geosystems". The project coordination presented the GeomInt project and held discussions with representatives of the other projects in the program, e.g. about potential cooperation in data management with the TestUm Aquifer project.

Kick-Off Meeting Representatives of BGR, University of Kiel, Institute for Mountain Mechanics, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, University of Stuttgart and UFZ.

On 9th and 10th of October, the Kick-Off meeting of the GeomInt project took place at the UFZ in Leipzig. The project partners discussed the first steps and milestones as well as important project management topics like the data management.