Zuzana Toušová (Rábová)

Current position:

PhD candidate at Environmental Institute, Slovakia


+420 731 164412


Zuzana Toušová (Rábová)

Current research

The interdisciplinary PhD project focuses on the effect directed analysis (EDA) and its use for prioritization of emerging pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. Prioritization of emerging water contaminants based on NORMAN methodology is being performed in several case studies. These case studies include chemical and biological analytical monitoring in distinct river basins with the aim to identify river basin specific pollutants based on both chemical profiles and specific biological effects like anti-/estrogenicity, anti-/androgenicity, dioxin-like activity, cytotoxicity and algal toxicity. The PhD project also focuses on novel sampling techniques like passive sampling and in situ large volume SPE (LVSPE) and aims to optimize the sample preparation procedures for EDA purposes.


  • Prioritization of water contaminants
  • Cell culture
  • Cell-based toxicity/specific biological effects testing
  • Aquatic and sediment toxicity testing
  • Statistics and data analysis

  • Algae and cyanobacteria culture and toxicity testing
  • Passive sampling and in situ large volume SPE
  • Environmental data collection and databases (NORMAN Network)

Research interests

  • Effect-directed analysis (EDA) of complex environmental contamination
  • Prioritization and Risk Assessment of contaminants in aquatic ecosystems
  • Non-target screening
  • Novel water sampling methods
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Environmental databases

Curriculum vitae

Since 2012

PhD candidate at the Environmental Institute, Slovakia. Research topic: “Effect directed analysis in identification of priority pollutants in European river basins.”


Short-term internship – by Dr. Ben Kefford – rapid toxicity testing, UFZ Leipzig, Germany


Short-term internship – State Phytosanitary Administration – Plant Protection Products Department, Brno, Czech Republic

2009 - 2010

General Biology - Ecotoxicology – Faculty of Science,
Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic – Master’s Degree


Erasmus Exchange – Physiologische Ökologie der Tiere
Institut für Evolution und Ökologie, Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany

2005 - 2008

General Biology - Ecotoxicology – Faculty of Science,
Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic – Bachelor’s Degree


Zuzana Rábová, Branislav Vrana, Jaroslav Slobodník, Melina Džajić-Valjevac, Simone Milanolo, Klára Hilscherová. Toxicological profiling of organic pollutants in river Bosna by passive sampling in combination with a battery of bioassays and chemical analysis. POSTER at SETAC Europe Glasgow, 2013.


Werner Brack, Selvan Govender, Tobias Schulze, Martin Krauss, Meng Hu, Melis Muz, Juliane Hollender, Kristin Schirmer, Jennifer Schollee, Anita Hidasi, Jaroslav Slobodnik, Zuzana Rabova, Selim Ait-Aissa, Manoj Sonavane, Mario Carere, Marja Lamoree, Pim Leonards, Sara Tufi, Xiyu Ouyang, Merijn Schriks, Kevin Thomas, Ana Catarina de Almeida, Jean Froment, Monika Hammers-Wirtz, Marijan Ahel, Sanja Koprivica, Henner Hollert, Thomas-Benjamin Seiler, Carolina Di Paolo, Andrew Tindall and Petra Spirhanzlova, 2013. EDA-EMERGE: an FP7 initial training network to equip the next generation of young scientists with the skills to address the complexity of environmental contamination with emerging pollutants, Environmental Sciences Europe, 25-18.


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