As a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, EDA-EMERGE is designed to train a new generation of young scientist in the interdisciplinary techniques required to meet the major challenges in the monitoring, assessment and management of toxic pollution in European river basins. Therefore, various training courses were organised covering the different aspects of emerging pollutants. Furthermore, all EDA-EMERGE fellows and partners met regularly in project meetings to support the cooperation and exchange between the fellows and the different EDA-EMERGE institutes. Finally, the EDA-EMERGE PhD-student conference was organised, to create a platform for all fellows as well as external PhD, master students and interested seniors to: (i) present and discuss the newest findings in the field of emerging pollutants and multiple stressors, (ii) establish networks for future research and cooperation, (iii) learn from keynote lectures of senior scientists and (iv) discuss visions for future research and research needs related to emerging pollutants and multiple stressors.

Picture EDA-EMERGE PhD-student conference

EDA-EMERGE PhD-student conference, KUBUS Leipzig

Picture by Stefan Lips


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