EDA-EMERGE Research Projects

EDA-EMERGE features 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) employed as PhD fellows and 1 Experienced Researcher (ER) or postdoctoral fellow. The list of the individual research projects is listed in the table below.

Research Projects Host Institution
PhD candidate
ESR 1. Mechanism-specific screening tools in early life stages of Danio rerio RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Carolina di Paolo

supervised by Prof. Dr. Henner Hollert

ESR 2. Novel fish-based biological tools for EDA of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
INERIS, France

Manoj Sonavane

supervised by Dr. Selim AÏT-AÏSSA

ESR 3. Fluorescing vertebrate models to detect endocrine disrupting compounds
WatchFrog, France

Petra Spirhanzlova

supervised by Dr. Andrew Tindall

ESR 4. DNA microarray fingerprints directing EDA
Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo

Ana de Almeida

supervised by Dr. Kevin Thomas

ESR 5. Proteomics approach to validate in vitro readouts and direct EDA
EAWAG, Switzerland

Anita Hidasi

supervised by Prof. Dr. Kristin Schirmer

ESR 6. Organisms metabolic functioning directing toxicant identification
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sara Tufi

supervised by Dr. Pim Leonards

ESR 7. Fractionation procedures for comprehensive characterisation of contaminants using EDA
Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia

Sanja Koprivica

supervised by Prof. Dr. Marijan Ahel

ESR 8. Identification and HT quantitative chemical screening of environmental pollutants using comprehensive multidimensional GC– MS
Environmental Institute, Slovakia

Zuzana Toušová (Rábová)

supervised by Dr. Jaroslav Slobodnik

ESR 9. Structure elucidation combining accurate mass LC-MS/MS approaches with models and computer tools to predict retention and fragmentation Helmholtz Center, UFZ, Germany

Meng Hu

supervised by Dr. Werner Brack

ESR 10. Diagnostic derivatisation in LC-MS/MS to provide new functional group-specific classifiers in structure elucidation
Helmholtz Center, UFZ, Germany

Melis Muz

supervised by Dr. Werner Brack

ESR 11. Development of a difference analysis for LC-MS/MS data to identify polar toxic compounds along chains of treatment processes in the water cycle
EAWAG, Switzerland

Jennifer Schollee

supervised by Prof. Dr. Juliane Hollender

ESR 12. High-throughput EDA – automated approaches to directly link fractionation, biotesting and identification
Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo

Jean Froment

supervised by Dr. Kevin Thomas

ESR 13. Two-dimensional micro-fractionation approaches for separation of complex mixtures combined with bioassays and mass spectrometry
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Xiyu Ouyang

supervised by Dr. Marja Lamoree

ER 1. Postdoc : Innovative hybrid sample preparation techniques and compilation of a comprehensive chemical analytical toolbox for EDA
KWR, Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands

Victoria Osorio Torrens

supervised by Dr. Merijn Schriks


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