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External Courses

External courses, e.g. summer and winter schools, workshops etc. can usually be recognised in HIGRADE*. Please contact us in advance to check if a specific external course can be approved in HIGRADE.

If you know about other upcoming external courses that might be interesting for other HIGRADE members, please contact us with further information.  

Courses of Cooperating Graduate Programmes & University Academies

Winter/Summer schools & other external courses

Recurring UFZ lectures, colloquia & courses

Online courses

Other recommended trainings

Winter Schools, Summer Schools & other external courses

  • 02-06 July 2018, Western Estonia: "German-Estonian Summer School on Pollination Ecology" link
  • 09-16 August 2018, Holzhau (D): "Learning and Gaining from your Model: A Course in Analysis, Application, and Publication of Individual/Agent-Based Models (IBM/ABM)" link
  • 20-31 August 2018, Leipzig (D): "iDiv Summer School 2018 Ecological Theory and Modelling for the Biodiversity Crisis" link
  • 25-28 August 2018, Leipzig (D): 7th International Summer School on Life Cycle Approaches for Sustainable Regional Development link
  • 26-31 August 2018, Grindelwald (CH): "17th Swiss Climate Summer School"  link
  • 22 August- 1 September, Peyresq (F): 13th ALTER-Net Summer School "Biodiversity, ecosystem services: science and its impact on policy and society" link
  • 03-07 September 2018, Göttingen (D): " Agent-based Modelling with NetLogo" link
  • 03-14 September 2018, Jülich/Garching (D): "22nd Laboratory Course Neutron Scattering" link
  • 31 October-04 November 2018, Utrecht (NL): "Utrecht Winter School on Earth System Governance" link
  • 01-07 April 2019, Weihenstephan (D) and Budweis (CZ): Spring School "Stable Isotopes in Environmental Sciences, Ecology and Physiology" link

Recurring UFZ Lectures, Colloquia and Courses

Other recommended trainings & courses

*Please note: Some external courses, e.g. language courses and MS Office, are not accepted for the HIGRADE curriculum.

**Please note: Online courses can potentially be funded and also acknowledged within HIGRADE given that a) the course content is relevant for your PhD project or your further career development, b) a certificate is provided after successful completion of the course and c) the course organizers provide explicit information on the workload related to the course. Please contact us if you are interested in taking part in an online course.