Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment
of Industrial Chemicals through Integration
of Non-Test and Test Information

Integrated Testing Strategies for REACH

2nd OSIRIS Workshop, 17 November 2008, Brussels, Belgium

Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment of Industrial Chemicals through Integration of Non-Test and Test Information

The Second OSIRIS Stakeholder Workshop was held on 17 November 2008 at the Club of the University Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop has given an overview of the integrated testing strategies in relation to REACH. Experts from industry, academia and government have presented the available testing methods and explained how they can be used in REACH. The pros and cons of the approaches taken by the REACH team were open to discussion and critical commentators were invited.

The workshop was designed to provide an overview of the preliminary results of OSIRIS and its contributions to the REACH characterization and risk assessment process.

• Under which conditions are the proposed integrated testing strategies operational for being used under REACH?

• Is the pool of existing information sufficient to conduct integrated testing strategies and if not, which additional information needs to be accumulated?

• Can you reduce the amount of testing, especially animal testing (reducing costs and time) without sacrificing accuracy, validity and reliability of the results?

Target audience:

REACH multipliers, stakeholders from industry, scientists, end-users in industry and regulatory authorities (EU-Stakeholders) working on REACH-related testing strategies.

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OSIRIS Finished

The official end of the project was reached in September 2011. We thank all partners for their excellent cooperation. The public report giving an overview on the major achievements has been submitted to the European Commission. For legal reasons, please ask them in case you are interested in obtaining a copy. Please note, this news column will no more be updated.

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