Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment
of Industrial Chemicals through Integration
of Non-Test and Test Information


OSIRIS Results Highlights

Review Models JRC
Screening criteria AL
Exposure RIVM
Database structure UFZ
Cost effectiveness WUR
Space navigation URV
Tautomers UFZ
Russian language NICPB
Passive dosing AU
Recommendations EUSES 1 RIVM
Recommendations EUSES 2 RIVM
Dynamic model electrolytes DTU
Consensus tool URV
Variability in vivo IVZRS 1
Variability in vivo IVZRS 2
Mammalian toxicity database LJMU 1
Mammalian toxicity database LJMU 2
Chemoassay UFZ
Bioaccumulation model SU
Mucous membrane NIOM 1
Mucous membrane NIOM 2
Optimisation in vivo
Biodegradation rates 1
Biodegradation rates 2
Uncertainty exposure models1
Uncertainty exposure models 2
Prediction QSAR performance
Assement acute chronic relationships
Risk communication 1
Risk communication 2
Models endocrine disrupters 1
Models endocrine disrupters 2
Alternative methods skin eye

OSIRIS Finished

The official end of the project was reached in September 2011. We thank all partners for their excellent cooperation. The public report giving an overview on the major achievements has been submitted to the European Commission. For legal reasons, please ask them in case you are interested in obtaining a copy. There are still OSIRIS related publications on their way. The OSIRIS publication page will still be updated, thus you may watch it regularly. However, this news column will no more be updated.

OSIRIS Models and Webtool

The OSIRIS webtool and ChemProp are publicly available

Webtool: ITS start
New users need to sign up for free to use the tool
Webtool: Online registration

A license agreement is necessary to obtain ChemProp
ChemProp: License agreement download

In general, information, downloads and links concerning software developed within OSIRIS can be found here:
Software overview