Leipzig - welcome to one of the liveliest cities in Germany

Leipzig Leipzig is unique: traditional yet dynamic, homely yet high-tech, classical yet modern. In Leipzig, you will experience a cosmopolitan atmosphere and lots of space for creativity and ideas. The Leipzig region is also a hub for science in Germany, characterized by a network of universities and research institutes such as the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research.

The city of Leipzig lies at the junction of the three rivers Weiße Elster, Pleiße und Parthe. Rivers, brooks and ditches with a total length of 176.4 km flow through the city. Large lakes such as Cospudener See and Kulkwitzer See, but also many ponds and pools form Leipzig’s aquatic landscape. The network of rivers and canals with the recently formed mining pit lakes of the region are key developments for the entire region. River

South of the city lies the “Leipziger Neuseenland”, an emerging water sports hub in which different water-related recreational activities have flourished since brown coal mining was abandoned in the early 1990s. Every year, new mining pit lakes such as the Cospudener See are created, connecting waterways are built, and underground canals like the Elster- und Pleißemühlgraben are brought to daylight again. New yacht harbors and sandy beaches attract local families and water-sports enthusiasts.