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profile_photo_Tanja Brandt
Name: Tanja Brandt (Germany)

Department Monitoring and Exploration Technologies

Flag Germany
Research topic

Further developing optical sensing techniques to analyse O2 distribution at the water-sediment interface

At UFZ since

August 2014

How did you learn about the UFZ?

During my Master studies at ETH Zurich, two professors of mine used to work at UFZ and recommended the institute for pursuing my PhD

Why did you come to the UFZ?

I was immediately intrigued by both, the PhD project itself as well as the nice atmosphere at UFZ, my department and the city of Leipzig

What do you like about the city you live in?

The "campus" setting adds to the stimulating working environment at UFZ Leipzig, especially with some nice quiet outdoor spots for spinning crazy ideas

How do you like it at the UFZ / in HIGRADE?

I appreciate the high flexibility and course variety of the new HIGRADE 2.0 curriculum

Your own links (e.g. homepage, publications)

My PhD project is part of the Marie Curie ITN INTERFACES:


I equally enjoy active stuff like bouldering, beach volleyball and swimming, as well as spending all day indoors, binge-watching TV series with a cup of Ben&Jerries on the side