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Name: Tatiana Feskova (Russia)

Department Monitoring and Exploration Technologies

Research topic

System-oriented approach for catchment characterization in terms of typical landscape subunits based on the geophysical models

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The "Helmholtz Interdisciplinary GRADuate School for Environmental Research (HIGRADE)" is the graduate school for doctoral researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, in cooperation with partner universities and partner programmes (see here).
HIGRADE aims to provide a coherent framework for qualifying a new generation of internationally competitive doctoral researchers in the field of environmental research. We intend to prepare the doctoral researchers for careers in a range of environmental fields, i.e. for taking over leading positions in research, management and policy, technology development, or consulting and education. Graduate education in HIGRADE is structured, systematic and adapted to individual needs.

All international employees at the UFZ can get personal support and advice from the UFZ International Office to facilitate their start in Germany:

Helmholtz Association: new PhD guidelines


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HIGRADE Paperwriting Torfhaus

HIGRADE Paperwriting Workshop - Torfhaus, Harz (March 2015)
Lecturer: Dr. Matthias Koschorreck, UFZ

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News & Events

PhD Retreat "DocDays":  4-5 Nov 2015, Colditz

HIGRADE Fall Conference: 17 Nov 2015, UFZ Leipzig

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