HIGRADE Conference 2015. Photo: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ

Welcome to HIGRADE!

The "Helmholtz Interdisciplinary GRADuate School for Environmental Research (HIGRADE)" provides a coherent framework for qualifying new generations of internationally competitive doctoral researchers in the field of environmental science. Our aim is to prepare doctoral researchers at the UFZ for careers in a range of environmental fields, i.e. for taking over leading positions in research, management and policy, technology development, or consulting and education.


Graduate School HIGRADE: Profile of the day

profile_photo_Sven Haange
Sven Haange (United Kingdom)
Department Molecular Systems Biology
Research topic:

My research topic involves the bacteria residing in the gastro-intestinal tract, known simply as the microbiome. I wish to investigate changes in the community not only on the taxonomic but also the functional structure caused by different external influences like diet or inflammation of the gut. Though on a superficial level this seems quite a disgusting field to work in, at a closer look it is extremely fascinating how your microbiome interacts in partnership with your own body, for the benefit of both.

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