Online Workshop: "Place-based socio-ecological research in times of covid-19"

29 October 2020
UFZ, Leipzig

MigSoKo Online Workshop


On October 29 the MigSoKo group hosted an interactive online workshop titled “Place-based socio-ecological research in times of covid-19”. Together with about 20 participants from a range of socio-ecological research fields and different institutions in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands we exchanged ideas about possible strategies and alternatives for place-based research to cope with the current global challenges of the pandemic. During the first part a number of participants gave short input talks sharing recent experiences of their research groups and providing valuable food for thought. In the afternoon we used break-out groups to discuss more concretely chances and pitfalls of using digital and remote data collection methods, collaborating with local partners and delegating fieldwork, and planning tools for research design. Given that researchers from junior to senior level and various backgrounds participated, the workshop benefited from a diversity of perspectives and insights. The MigSoKo team aims to make the workshop output accessible to a wider audience and to prepare a short publication in collaboration with all interested workshop participants.