Stakeholder workshop and outreach tour

Outreach Tour Outreach Tour in South Wollo (Photo: Migsoko)

Stakeholder workshop

In March 2019, part of the MigSoKo team visited our research site in South Wollo to present and discuss our research findings with various people in the region.
We organized a 2-day stakeholder workshop in the Ethiopian Highlands with local decision-makers and representatives from villages and NGOs.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • present, discuss and verify our research done in South Wollo, and
  • present and apply Bayesian networks as method to assess factors determining environment-related migration (ERM) in SW

In preparation of the workshop, we set up a Bayesian network based on semi-structured household interviews that we conducted in the South Wollo Zone of Amhara Regional State in 2018. Within the stakeholder workshop we used this Bayesian network to discuss our findings and pressing issues of ERM and to study the relative importance of multiple influence factors of ERM. The workshop was very successful with positive feedback on the research results, many new insights and enhanced our network in the region.

Outreach tour

Following our stakeholder workshop, we visited all six research sites in South Wollo to present and discuss our research findings with the farmers we interviewed in 2018 as well. For this purpose we prepared a poster showing all important findings and which we left to the village communities together with some photos taken during the research stay in 2018 (see 'Outreach Poster South Wollo' ). Once again we got a lot of positive feedback and had the opportunity to experience the warming Ethiopian hospitality.