The International Research Training Group (IRTG) ”Resilient Complex Water Networks“ is a joint initiative of TU Dresden, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ with their Center of Advanced Water Research (CAWR) and Purdue University (USA) as well as University of Florida (USA). In the frame of an interlinked and structured doctoral program, this IRTG will bring together PhD projects and syntheses focusing on the main topic “Resilient Complex Water Networks”. 

In addition to the doctoral project, interdisciplinary workshops, summer schools and methodological courses will be performed to facilitate an excellent education of the fellows in an international, excellent scientific context. Furthermore research stays at the contributing institutions are ensuring a close collaboration. 

The scientific focus will be on structure and function of natural and anthropogenic networks in the water cycle and other complex hydrosystems. The overall goal is the structural and functional analyses of various complex dynamic networks for the understanding of performance, flexibility and resilience (including disturbances or extreme events) of these networks.

The topics of the several dissertation projects of the four research institutions were designed for referring to the CAWR thematic fields. For more information concerning the several dissertation projects of the different cohorts, click here:

In collaboration with the already existing graduate programs of the contributing institutions: