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Peer2Peer Mentors

Sulagna Mishra (India)

Sulagna Sulagna is a PhD student at the Institute of Hydrobiology, supervised by Prof. Thomas Berendonk and Prof. Markus Weitere. She holds a MSc in Tropical Hydro Geology & Environmental Engineering and has previously worked as a Civil Engineer in Infrastructure Planning. Sulagna has done her Master's thesis on Managed Aquifer Recharge in the framework of the MARSOL project. In her PhD research, she works on the identification of hot spots and the spread of antibiotic resistance genes in river networks, using a mechanistic hydro-ecological modeling approach. She is also interested in the model-aided design of monitoring networks for antibiotic resistant bacteria. Currently, Sulagna concentrates on devolping a process based river quality model in R.
Contact: sulagna.mishra@tu-dresden.de

Amparo Martinez Domingo (Spain)

Amp Amparo is a PhD student at the Institute for Soil Science and Site Ecology at TU Dresden with Prof. Feger, and is co-supervisedf by Prof. Martin Volk (UFZ). She works on the analysis and model-based description of water and matter flow networks in mesoscale watersheds characterized by mixed rural/urban land-use. Amparo is an agricultural engineer and holds a postgraduate Master in Sustainable Agriculture. Prior to her current research, she has worked in soil and land-use management and in agricultural consulting.

Contact: desamparados.martinez_domingo@tu-dresden.de

Malena Orduna Alegria (Mexico)

Malena Malena works on her PhD thesis on "Resilient design optimization of complex water networks under water scarcity conditions" with Prof. Niels Schütze (TU Dresden) at the Chair of Hydrology and is co-supervised by Prof. Ralf Merz (UFZ). She holds a BSc degree in Environmental Engineering and a MSc degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management. In her MSc thesis, she has worked on application and assessment of a spatially lumped model for dynamic analysis of streamflow and water chemistry, and also has experience in numeric modelling for the optimization of metallurgic processes.

Contact: maria_elena.orduna_alegria@tu-dresden.de

Julian David Reyes Silva (Colombia)

Jul Julian is a PhD candidate with Prof. Peter Krebs at the Institute for Urban and Industrial Water Management at TU Dresden, and is co-supervised by Prof. Dietrich Borchardt (TUD/UFZ) and Prof. Suresh Rao (Purdue University). He is an Environmental Engineer and holds a MSc degree in Hydro Science and Engineering. Among his research interests is e.g. the interaction between utility and natural networks in urban environments. Julian works on the modelling of load peaks in sewer networks and is also interested in the impacts of these peaks in river networks.  Julian is also involved in the HORUS project on dynamic wastewater characterisation by spetrophotometric methods.

Contact: julian_david.reyes_silva@tu-dresden.de

Judith Lorenz (Germany)

Jud Judith is a PhD student at the institute of Meteorology with Prof. Christian Bernhofer (TU Dresden) and is co-supervised by Prof. Lars Bernard (TUD) and Prof. Dev Niyogi (Purdue University). She is a Hydrologist and further holds a MSc degree in Water Management. For her PhD work, she wants to improve spatial rainfall information with the help of (multi)fractal analyses. Among her research interests is also flood risk management and she is involved in research on the impact of extreme events in small and medium catchments within the EXTRUSO-project (TUD). Currently she is working on deriving fractal characteristics of convective storm events as well as their feedback on cities and landscape characteristics.

Contact: Judith.Lorenz@mailbox.tu-dresden.de

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