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The concept of Synthesis

The International Synthesis Summerschool will be organized in a format unlike those of most classical Summerschools. The Synthesis format encompasses only a few, strategic impulse lectures on network functional dynamics in different scientific fields and condensed seminar-style modules on basics of methods and tools for network analysis, modelling and simulation, and leaves plenty of time for group work, where participants jointly develop and test new approaches, closely supported by senior scientist and peer-to-peer mentors (young scientists who have participated in Synthesis Workshops before). This format is an exciting new approach for educating future scholars.

© Marina Chkolinkov (left), Greta Jäckel (middle and right), UFZ

Since 2013, International Summerschools are organized each year at the five Schools of TU Dresden, supported by TU Dresden’s Institutional Strategy. TU Dresden’s Institutional Strategy is funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments.