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Work package 10: Project coordination

Work package 10 contains the overall coordination of the research project including administration and financial management of the research project (phases I to IV) managing the permanent exchange of information and experiences not only within the consortium but also, equally important, with stakeholders, advisory board and the scientific environment outside. The project website and email facilities will be the most important media being used within the consortium’s cooperation. A project flyer is to be created prior to the start of the field work. The coordinator together with the Work package leaders will continuously monitor the project; in particular they will prove the high scientific quality of the outcomes (deliverables) of the Work package, their accordance with the set up working model, their applicability and comparability. The project coordinator will be in regular contact with the Work package leaders in order to assure the agreed deadlines for deliverables as well as to evaluate the project’s course, its strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures.


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