Shrink Smart - The Governance of Shrinkage


Project structure

The project is subdivided into four phases (I-IV).

Phase I comprises the theoretical and methodological preparation of the following case study analyses as well as in-depth work.

Phases II and III are allotted to the case studies. In Phase II, local pathways of shrinkage and resulting challenges for different fields of urban planning are to be identified. Phase III considers the governance analysis based on the findings from Phase II research.

Phase IV finishes the whole endeavour by drawing conclusions, writing the final research report as well as disseminating the project’s results.

Overall, the project proceeds in two steps: Firstly, the impact of shrinkage on urban and regional development will be identified and main challenges will be elaborated in a comparative perspective. Secondly, the relation between local institutional structures and modes of decision making on the one hand and the challenges of shrinkage on the other are studied. Here, the focus will be on strategies and instruments, on the relation of public and private actors and on institutional frameworks and cross-scale interactions. As a result, different trajectories of shrinkage processes within Europe will be defined and a set of policy recommendations for different constellations of shrinking cities will be developed. Furthermore, with the aim of providing practicable knowledge for decision-makers, SHRINK SMART will engage in extensive dissemination activities and develop a set of tools and policy recommendations.
The following graphic presents the overall structure of the project.

Shrinksmart work structure


Document downloads

The latest work package reports and policy briefs are now available as pfd-files.

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