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SSH-2007-2.2.1 Regional development challenges in an evolving international context


The aim is to provide an understanding of the key regional development challenges in the light of the major economic, social, political and cultural changes taking place in the world such as globalisation, European enlargement and integration, economic restructuring and relocation, and how they might be better anticipated and responded to. Regional development should be taken in a broad sense to cover economic, social and environmental aspects. Research should address a range of issues in this context, for example uneven development of regions; the development of capacities or capabilities in the regions; competition between regions; regional specialisation and the role of different sectors in development, including manufacturing and service sectors' regional attractiveness; the role of knowledge; the role of regional policies and regional governance systems. The research should address the challenges facing different types of regions, for example those of Central and Eastern Europe or Southern Europe and special attention should be given to disadvantaged regions. Gender issues should be included where relevant.


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