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The Chinese University of Hong Kong visiting UFZ

Chinese guests visiting VISLAB on 08, Oct, 2014

Chinese guests visiting VISLAB. Foto: RCEIS UFZ

On 8th October 2014, Prof. Hui Lin from the Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited UFZ.

On the meeting, Lars Bilke from department of Environmental Informatics has introduced the three-dimensional Visualization Centre (VISLAB) and its applications in Beijing Nankou area – important groundwater resources for the Beijing city.

Ursula Schmitz, the director of the department of Central Strategy at UFZ has given an overview about the research area of UFZ. Both sides have exchanged their ideas in the area of the Virtual Geographical Environment using modern visualization technology.

 The Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe

On 10th and 11th October 2014 over 600 experts from the business, political and academic world came together at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to discuss the state of the Sino-European relations.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, spoke as guests of honor.

During Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Berlin on the 10th 2014, China and Germany issued the "Sino-German Cooperation Platform for Action”. The Sino-German cooperation route map is included in this document. The cooperation platform states that the Sino-German “Clean Water” Innovation Centre in Shanghai should play an important role in strengthening bilateral cooperation in water resources protection, safe drinking water, and sewage treatment and recycling, clean production and industrial water reuse and promote mutual communication between scientific research institutions and industries for ex- changing scientific and technological achievements in water science and technology. German participation in large Chinese Water Engineering Projects is a priority.

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Research (CRAES) visiting UFZ

The delegation of CRAES visiting UFZ, Photo from Lars Bilke, UFZ on 09-12, Nov, 2014

The delegation of CRAES visiting UFZ. Foto: Lars Bilke

Seven Chinese professors of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) in Beijing visit UFZ in Leipzig and Magdeburg sites between 9th and 12th November 2014. The guests came in the context of the European Union promoted project "Sustain H2O" at the UFZ.

In the "Sustain H2O" project, the UFZ and the British PEER partner CEH (Centre for Eco-Hydrology) are trying to find the methods to reduce the water pollution in the Songhua-Liaohe River Basin in northeast China and to achieve a more sustainable usage of water resources. The Department of Environmental Informatics at UFZ as a project partner deal with the following tasks within the following scope of the project:
• Providing information on European directives and their exemplary application in the field of water management, water conservation, environmental risk assessment and remediation,
• organization of study tours to Germany and courses in China,
• modeling of three-dimensional reactive contaminant transport in groundwater in the selected sub-basins of the Songhua-Liaohe area using the data and modeling platform OpenGeoSys (www.opengeosys.org)

Chinese Delegation from Hubei visits UFZ Leipzig, Germany

Zhang Gang and Olaf Kolditz

Head of Hubei Academy of Environmental Sciences Zhang Gang (l) with Prof. Dr. Olaf Kolditz (r) at the delegation's visit to the UFZ. Photo: Cui Chen

On 9th December 2014, a Chinese delegation of representatives of various environmental science research institutions and governmental offices of the Hubei province visited the UFZ in Leipzig.

The visitors were impressed by the depth of water research at the UFZ and by the activities of Center for Advanced Water Research (CAWR) in China. The head of the delegation showed particular interest in the area of drinking water quality and preparation.

The visit was organised in cooperation with the Saxonian Ministry for Environment and Agriculture, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation, and the Saxony School of Economics (Bildungswerk der sächsischen Wirtschaft).

Current News

12-13 Dec 2016 Prof. Peng (IWHR) visits UFZ

09.12.2016 Wasserkonferenz in Shanghai

15-22.10.2016  Helmholtz-Delegation in China

20.09.2016 Delegation of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

12.08.2016 Delegation of China Petroleum University visits the UFZ

07/08.07.2016 Digital Earth Summit in Beijing (Presentation of RCEIS)


24/26 10.2016: Workshop and Research visiting program of DFG-NSFC Project in Beijing

20.09.2016: Workshop and Research visiting of CRAES in Leipzig

17/18.08.2016: EU project SUSTAIN HO2 final workshop in Beijing

29.10-01.11.2015: 4th Workshop on “Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments” in Chaohu

28.09–03.10.2015: 3rd Workshop on “Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments” in Leipzig

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