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  • Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments

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    BMBF Framework Programme: Research for Sustainable Development
    BMBF Subject area: International Partnerships for sustainable climate and environmental technologies and services (CLIENT)

    What: The overall objective of the project is the development of water management system solutions for a sustainable improvement of water quality in Chaohu City and Chao Lake.

    How: The "Urban Water Resources Management" (EWRM) concept will be developed as an innovative approach that includes both an efficient urban water management in urban and suburban areas as well as the interaction with the aquatic ecosystems. With the help of an online comprehensive environmental information system, water utility data and models for planning purposes and the regional water management are provided.

    Contribution UFZ: The main task of is the development of methods and tools for the successive integration of all available information for water management in the region Chaohu. UFZ will also serve as the project management for the whole project.

  • A modelling platform prototype for environmental system dynamics

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    What: The general goal for this initiative is to build a Sino-German research network by leading Chinese scientists with their research groups and German experts in the field of environmental informatics, hydrology, climatology and remote sensing (satellite born earth observation).

    How: For establishing modelling platform for environmental system dynamics (MPESD), it is essential to solve theoretical and technical problems e.g. of multi-scale modeling, limited computational power and real-time visualization, to supplement insufficient ground-observation data, and to develop new methods for earth surface modelling (ESM).

    Contribution UFZ: It is planned to address theoretical problems of the modelling platform prototype and its completion, to integrate the models for water-resource change, land-cover change and driving forces of the changes, to simulate the interactive mechanisms taking Poyang Lake Basin as an example, and to realize dynamic visualization of the land-cover and water-resource change as well as their interactions.

  • EU-China Environmental Sustainability Programme

    EU-China Environmental Sustainability Programme

    What: Develop and demonstrate management tools and practices for pollution reduction and water quality improvement in the Songhuajiang-Liaohe River Basin (SLRB) to achieve the water pollution control designated in the “12th Five-Year Plan” of China

    How: SUSTAIN H2O will initiate a range of research activities and generate new resources including the development of risk source identification and assessment methods, water source pollution prevention and risk reduction strategies and decision making and management guidelines.

    Contribution UFZ: UFZ will review the legislation, methodologies and techniques about water risk assessment and sensitive water body management and will develop a groundwater contamination model for the demonstration areas in SLRB.

Current News

12-13 Dec 2016 Prof. Peng (IWHR) visits UFZ

09.12.2016 Wasserkonferenz in Shanghai

15-22.10.2016  Helmholtz-Delegation in China

20.09.2016 Delegation of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

12.08.2016 Delegation of China Petroleum University visits the UFZ

07/08.07.2016 Digital Earth Summit in Beijing (Presentation of RCEIS)


24/26 10.2016: Workshop and Research visiting program of DFG-NSFC Project in Beijing

20.09.2016: Workshop and Research visiting of CRAES in Leipzig

17/18.08.2016: EU project SUSTAIN HO2 final workshop in Beijing

29.10-01.11.2015: 4th Workshop on “Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments” in Chaohu

28.09–03.10.2015: 3rd Workshop on “Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments” in Leipzig

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Computational Hydrology I: Groundwater Flow Modeling
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