Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment
of Industrial Chemicals through Integration
of Non-Test and Test Information

REACH: Information to be submitted in the technical dossier depending on tonnage

Physicochemical Information

≥1 t/a ≥10 t/a ≥100 t/a ≥1000 t/a
Physicochemical information
7.1 State of the substance at 20 °C and 101,3 kPa X X X X
7.2 Melting/freezing point X X X X
7.3 Boiling point X X X X
7.4 Relative density X X X X
7.5 Vapour pressure X X X X
7.6 Surface tension X X X X
7.7 Water solubility X X X X
7.8 Partition coefficient n-octanol/water

Specific Rule: If the test cannot be performed, a calculated value for log P as well as details of the calculation method shall be provided.

7.9 Flash-point X X X X
7.10 Flammability X X X X
7.11 Explosive properties X X X X
7.12 Self-ignition temperature X X X X
7.13 Oxidising properties X X X X
7.14 Granulometry X X X X
7.15. Stability in organic solvents and identity of relevant degradation products.
Only required if stability of the substance is considered to be critical.
7.16. Dissociation constant X X
7.17. Viscosity X X

OSIRIS Finished

The official end of the project was reached in September 2011. We thank all partners for their excellent cooperation. The public report giving an overview on the major achievements has been submitted to the European Commission. For legal reasons, please ask them in case you are interested in obtaining a copy. There are still OSIRIS related publications on their way. The OSIRIS publication page will still be updated, thus you may watch it regularly. However, this news column will no more be updated.

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