The project "Implementation-Office Amman" builds on the SMART and SMART-MOVE projects (Sustainable Management of Available Water Resources with Innovative Technologies (SMART; SMART-Move) for integrated water resources management in the Lower Jordan Rift Valley and supports its utilization. The SMART Demonstration, Research and Training Facility at Fuheis in Jordan is open to all parties, including stakeholders, companies, and research organizations with an interest in implementing sustainable wastewater solutions for Jordan.

The NICE project is funded by the BMBF and is part of the BMBF funding program "IWRM - Integrated Water Resources Management" (IWRM) in the framework program "Research for Sustainable Development - FONA" (FONA).

Following the links below you will find information about the SMART products:

SMART: Project Report Phase I

SMART: Project Report Phase II

SMART: Project Report Phase III (SMART-MOVE)

SMART Policy Briefs


Junge Tonne Photo: UFZ / André Künzelmann