Die Projekstruktur

Questions of the Sub-Projects (SP)

SP 1 = Communication platform & co-design

Research question: How can planning activities for multifunctional infrastructures be bundled efficiently in an open discussion and decision-making process and transferred into implementation concepts?

SP 2 = System architecture water

Research question: Which possibilities of integrating a multifunctional blue-green water infrastructure into the urban system make technological sense?

SP 3 = System architecture energy

Research question: How can a transformation of the urban energy infrastructure be supported by efficient energy conversion and the coupling of blue-green "hybrid systems"?

SP 4 = Coupling and process control of neighbourhood infrastructures

Research question: How can the individual functions and the combination of blue-green technologies be controlled in an equally robust and efficient way and how is the operation and maintenance of the system architecture sustainably ensured?

SP 5 = Modelling and visualisation

Research question: To what extent can the blue-green system architecture and individual components be transferred to other neighbourhoods using indicator-based models?

SP 6 = Economic and ecological evaluation

Research question: What are the economic-ecological effects of blue-green system architectures?

SP 7 = Legal, organisational and fiscal conditions for implementation

Research question: Which requirements and limitations arise from current law and the regulatory framework, how can this be further developed to support multifunctional blue-green solutions?

SP 8 = Preparations for implementation

Research question: Which blue-green system architecture is best suited for resource-efficient water and energy management in the Leipzig 416 neighbourhood?