Research project Leipziger BlauGrün

The public kick-off event for Phase II of Leipzig BlueGreen took place on 22.03.2023.
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The policy paper "Urbane Wasserwende - Handlungsempfehlungen an die Bundespolitik" was published: Download here !

BlueGreen infrastructures have already been successfully investigated on a pilotscale in Phase I of the project and introduced in the co-design process in the preliminary planning process of the new "Eutritzscher Freiladebahnhof" (L416) neighbourhood. In the process, valuable communication structures were established, which are to be further deepened in phase 2 in the context of the now upcoming redevelopment of the existing housing stock of the Leipziger Wohnungsbaugesellschaft (LWB) as a model in the so-called "Kolonnadenviertel". At the same time, the project consortium optimised the planning and decision-making processes of urban development planning for the city as a whole and thus made them permanent.

In phase 2, comprehensively evaluated potential analyses are now required to prepare the investment plans for the BlueGreen upgrading of existing neighbourhoods. In addition to the evaluation of public properties and an assessment of the functionalities of realised infrastructures, the preparation of a Leipzig action plan for the future use of BlueGreen investment projects is of high importance for the project applied for. Continuity beyond the project duration is ensured through the support of a cross-agency steering network for "water-sensitive urban development". Here, administrative and approval processes for BlueGreen Urban Development are evaluated, prioritised and implementation prepared. The necessary organisational and legal framework conditions are developed in the second project phase, evaluated and introduced as recommendations to the political decision-making level, e.g. as a city council bill.

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In this short video film (03:40 min), Roland Müller (UFZ), Heinrich Neu (Leipzig City Planning Office) and Ludger Wälken (Leipzig 416 Management GmbH) explain the goals of the LeipzigerBlauGrün project and the challenges involved in developing climate-adapted, resource-efficient blue-green infrastructures for an urban quarter.

Project duration: 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024 / FKZ: 033W110AN